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4 Questions For You

4 Questions For You
Stockton and I will spend a lot of time at the writing desk in 2024.

Take these four quick polls to shape the 2% newsletter in 2024.

Quick housekeeping

  • Become a Member of 2% if you want to have a healthier, fitter, more focused, and fun 2024.
  • Watch for a powerful, no-cost nutrition challenge dropping on 1/8. More to come …

On Wednesday, we looked back at 2023. We covered the year’s best exercises, books, podcast episodes, studies, and more. Read that story here if you missed it.

Today, we’re looking to the future.

In the final scene of Rounders, Teddy KGB bets it all. He tosses all his chips across the table. That’s how I’m feeling about 2% going into 2024.

My book tour is over and I’m all in on this project.

We’ve got a ton of exciting ideas and projects in the works. The goal is and always has been to help us live better and expand what we’re capable of.

To do that, we need to determine two things:

  1. What ideas will be most beneficial to YOU. (Let’s get tactical in helping you).
  2. The optimal way for you to consume and utilize those ideas. (If you don’t consume the material, it’s useless).

And this is where I need your help. Help me shape 2% in 2024.

Please answer the following four polls.

Before we get into the polls, a quick end-of-year thanks to:

  • You—for subscribing and reading the work. 2% wouldn’t work without you.
  • Our sponsorsGORUCK, Maui Nui Venison, and Momentous Nutrition—for making products that help people live better and supporting this project.

Let’s roll …

Poll 1: A question about audio versions

In short

Do you want the audio versions of each post available in your favorite podcast app, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify?

The details

Audio versions of 2% posts currently run through the audio bar on the 2% homesite, and the Substack app. (See audio bar above).

On Mondays, the audio bar is at the top of each story. On Wednesdays and Fridays, it’s usually at the bottom. (We place the audio bar at the bottom of Member posts because Substack doesn’t have a better way to protect the audio). So, a question:

  • Would you rather have the audio versions in podcast form?

What this means: Audio versions would be available on your preferred podcast app, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

To do this, I’d need to figure out how to keep the Wednesday and Friday posts fully accessible to Members. I think it’s doable.

Possible benefits: This may make the audio versions more accessible to both Members and non-Members alike. It may also allow me to give audio previews to non-Members (for example, 10 minutes of a 20-minute podcast). Giving non-Members access to audio previews is something we can’t currently do with the audio bar.

One possible complication: To move Member-only 2% audio into your podcast feed, I believe I’ll need to give you a “private RSS feed that you can enter into an alternative podcast player of your choice. This link would be included in your welcome email and would be accessible on the Substack episode page,” according to Substack.

The private RSS feed link sounds like something I can easily send to Members. Entering it into your preferred player sounds like a one-time task you’ll have to do. And so, the poll:

Poll 2: A question on video

In short

Want video of me reading the posts?

The details

I used to think it strange that people watched podcasts on YouTube. Like, it’s just videos of two people talking. Or, in the case of monologues, it’s just one person talking!

Then I had to watch a few podcasts on YouTube for research purposes.

I found it a rather fun and effective delivery system because you can see the speaker’s reactions, body language, etc. I.e., it adds another dimension to the audio.

It then occurred to me that I could capture video of myself reading each 2% post. This would give people another way to consume the material.

If you listen to the audio already, you know I tend to go off on relevant tangents that aren’t in the written piece. These relevant tangents would be captured as well.

And so, the poll:

Poll 3: A question on conversations with experts

In short

Want a monthly Q&A with an expert?

The details

I’ve picked up various levels of expertise on the topics I write about. But my skillset lies in speaking with experts and doing deep research, then figuring out what actually matters and making it useful.

To give us more perspectives, I’m considering running monthly conversations with experts from various backgrounds. Is that something you’d be interested in?

(I’m also open to what these look like … it could be a Q&A, a write-through, an audio conversation, etc).

Poll 4: A question on genius

In short

Should we run a monthly collaboration/series with Dr. Kashey?

The details

I’ve interviewed everyone from political leaders to Nobelists to MacArthur Genius Grant recipients.

But I’ve always considered Dr. Trevor Kashey the most insightful person I’ve had the opportunity to speak with. You may remember him from Chapter 14 of The Comfort Crisis.

Trevor gets to the heart of the matter better than anyone, leaving people with takeaways that work. We’ve become good friends. We also complement each other—my ideas align with his in ways that make them stronger.

Trevor and I have long toyed with the idea of doing some sort of monthly or bi-monthly “thing” together. I think 2% may be the right place for that.

Is a monthy or bi-montly series with Dr. Kashey something you’d like to see? We’d cover current interests: my interests, his interests, and your interests.

The goal: Give you tactical information that improves your life and ways of thinking.

A Final Ask: Speak up in the comments

In short

Got other thoughts, suggestions, or opinions for 2% in 2024? Drop them in the comments section.

The details

This one is straightforward. Please drop any further ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments section. You could make suggestions around:

  • Topics you want to hear more about.
  • Topics you want to hear less about.
  • Friday “franchise” posts you especially like or don’t like (E.g., Burn the Ships, Gear Not Stuff, The Expedition, AMA).
  • Anything else that comes to mind.

Thanks for reading and helping shape this fun and useful project of ours.

Have fun, don’t die, be like Teddy KGB and bet all the chips in 2024.


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My picks: I like it and eat everything from Maui Nui, but the 90/10 Organ Blend is particularly great for people looking to get more micronutrients in their diet, and the Jerky Sticks are my go-to travel snack.

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