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AMA: Cold plunges and ice baths

My complicated and changing thoughts on ice baths and cold plunges

AMA: Cold plunges and ice baths
The time Dustin from MTNTOUGH dragged me into cold water.

Summary of today's post

  • Ice baths/cold plunges are surging in popularity.
  • But do they actually do anything?
  • I explain my complicated and evolving thoughts on ice baths.


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In today’s AMA, we’ll be tackling one question:

On Monday and Wednesday we covered the benefits of the heat and how I approach heat exposure for health benefits. Today we're covering the other end of the temperature spectrum. Our question is:

  1. What do you think of ice baths and cold plunges?

Topics include:

  • A quick history of cold exposure for improving health, injury, and exercise recovery.
  • Why I think ice baths and cold exposure are popular now (hint: it has little to do with health or recovery).
  • What the research suggests about ice baths and exercise recovery.
  • What research says about ice baths and fat loss.
  • What the research says about ice baths and physical and mental health.
  • A way in which I changed my mind about ice baths.
  • How I personally use cold exposure.
  • Final thoughts on whether ice baths are a temporary trend or permanent fixture of the health world.

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