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AMA: July Edition (Mental Toughness + Returning from Injury)

AMA: July Edition (Mental Toughness + Returning from Injury)

This month’s AMA covers how to make the best of an injury and what I think about mental toughness.

You’ll learn: A four-step process for returning from exercise pain; a question I ask myself to gain a clearer perspective of any situation.


Rejoice, it’s our monthly AMA

Last month, we ran a poll and decided that AMAs would be in podcast, off-the-cuff style rather than written.

Our two questions this month are:

  1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to adopt a 2% approach to training and life as you get older. For instance, how do you plan a Misogi when your brain is saying “f*ck yeah,” but your knees are screaming “f*ck you.”
  2. What are some tactics for building mental toughness?

To answer question number one, I’ll lay out a four-step process for training through injuries, getting back in the game, and performing well as you age.

For question two, I’ll lay out the limits of how we think about mental toughness and a question that’s helped my “mental toughness” more than anything.

Here’s the audio and the transcript: