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AMA: My Fitness Tracker + Recovery Practice

AMA: My Fitness Tracker + Recovery Practice

Happy Friday. Today we’re doing AMA a bit differently.

Instead of researching each question and then writing out answers, I decided to research, take a few notes, then answer each question more off the cuff over audio. I.e., this is more like a mini-podcast than a written post.

Today’s questions are:

  • Is there a straightforward recovery process (for example, stretching, meditation, breath work) that you use personally?
  • What fitness tracker do you use and why?

The goal of this approach is to be more conversational. I’ve also pasted a transcript of the audio below the sound file for those who prefer to read.

Before we dive in, here’s some quick housekeeping:

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  • Remember to Burn the Ships this weekend. I burned the ships yesterday at MTN TOUGH’s TOUGHFEST in Bozeman. It was a couple of epic days of killer workouts and conversations—more on that event in a future post.

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Below are five things:

  1. Audio of today’s post.
  2. A button that takes you to the fitness tracker I use.
  3. A poll on Q&As. Do you prefer this live answer + transcript format or the written post + audio reading format?
  4. The audio transcript of this post.
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