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AMA: Our Brains on Smartphones

What science says about how you, the government, and institutions can help young people (and yourself) navigate the world of addictive tech.

AMA: Our Brains on Smartphones


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In today’s AMA, we’ll be tackling one question:

  1. What can we do about the problems kids and adults face with smartphones?

Topics include:

  • My recent appearance on Fox News to talk about the harms of smartphones.
  • Why teens are more susceptible to issues from smartphones, and how adults are at risk of the same problems.
  • Why the issue isn't as simple as "use your phone less."
  • What we can do at a governmental and institutional level to solve the smartphone conundrum.
  • What parents who have kids and teens might consider doing to set their kids up for success.

Recall that we voted to have AMAs be off-the-cuff podcast answers rather than written pieces. The audio is below.

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