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AMA: September Edition (Protein Debate, Building Gritty Kids)

AMA: September Edition (Protein Debate, Building Gritty Kids)

You’ll learn: My thoughts on the government protein guideline controversies and how to build grittier kids.


  • Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s Scarcity Brain workshop. We had an awesome crowd who asked amazing questions. It was great to see a lot of familiar names.
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For today’s AMA, we’ll be tackling two questions today:

  1. You said you feel the FDA guidelines are too low. What do you feel the Daily Value for protein should be? And do you think it should increase or decrease as we age? (The answer is quite surprising, and thanks to reader Nicole for raising the question in the comment section of Wednesday’s post!)
  2. What’s some simple advice for helping kids build grit?

Enjoy the audio and transcript below …