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Don't Die: Stop Doing Dumb Stuff, Edition I

Don't Die: Stop Doing Dumb Stuff, Edition I

All of your good health habits are for nothing if you don’t nix your worst ones.

You’ll learn: What’s most likely to kill you and how that should influence your decisions, why bad habits are more powerful than good habits, etc.

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Now onto today’s post …

We cover the ins and outs of living better at 2%.

The entire point is to get us more and better years. How can we live longer and, most importantly, make the time we have good? Not just good, but real good?

As Seneca put it, “Life, if well lived, is long enough.”

It’s important to ask big questions about how to get more years. But, truth told, my perspective on longevity is slightly different than most. I spend more time thinking about a different question. And that question is:

  • How do I die as late as possible?

That’s because bad habits generally remove more years from our lives than good habits add more years.

This is true for us all, but especially for people under the age of 50.

And that’s where looking at the big picture comes in.

We often spend too much time talking about the minutia of, say, whether sugar is “toxic” or not; or exactly how much weight to use in a ruck and how long to ruck with it, or precisely what temperature a cold plunge should be.

But bad habits are the main killer of people under 50. If you still have your worst habits, diving into the minutia of good habits is like hyper-analyzing a square inch of bark on a single tree and, in turn, missing the blood-thirsty tiger creeping through the forest.

Whether you’re young or old, there’s one blood-thirsty tiger out there that most people are completely missing.