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My New Book: Scarcity Brain

My New Book: Scarcity Brain

My new book, Scarcity Brain, will be released on September 26th. Pre-order it now to get limited-time, exclusive bonuses.

You’ll learn: Details of the free bonus pre-order campaign; a quick rundown of Scarcity Brain.

After traveling 40,000+ miles around the world, speaking to more than 100 sources, reading nearly 1,000 studies, and spending 2.5 years thinking, writing, editing, and obsessing over every last word to make sure each one is *useful,* I’m happy to officially announce that my new book, Scarcity Brain, will be published in print, ebook, and audio on 9/26.

I’m asking you to pre-order Scarcity Brain.

I’m usually not an “asker.” But I feel great about this ask.

That’s because I had my publisher build epic free bonuses for people who pre-order the book. The more copies you buy, the bigger your free bonuses.

Why You Should Pre-Order Scarcity Brain

Publishers have a near-unhealthy obsession with pre-orders.

This means the more pre-orders my books have, the more likely my publisher will ask me to write another book. Which means we all get new and valuable information that can enhance our lives.

I realize pre-ordering is a weird request—like, why buy a thing you have to wait for?

Here’s why: We built a killer pre-order bonus campaign that’s packed with value. It’s live now, and it expires on 9/26. Here’s what you’ll get:

If you buy 1 copy, you get:

  • Access to a live workshop on 9/21 that teaches you how to leverage concepts from the book to build any habit and boost motivation. You’ll learn how to:

    • Create an exercise plan that makes training more fun and incentivizes harder work and consistency.

    • Reduce the frequency of unwanted behaviors like excessively checking your phone, eating junk food, etc.

    • Lose weight and avoid inevitable plateaus.

    • Help employees, kids, and yourself work harder and have more fun doing it.

If you buy 3 copies, you get:

  • The coveted SUPERMEDIUM Training, Eating, and Living program (a $199 value).

  • Access to the workshop on 9/21.

If you buy 10 copies, you get:

  • An unpublished chapter from Scarcity Brain. (One of the most useful chapters, but it didn’t quite fit the theme of the book.)

  • Three free months of the 2% Newsletter.

  • The coveted SUPERMEDIUM Training, Eating, and Living program (a $199 value).

  • Access to the workshop on 9/21.

If you buy 25+ copies, you get:

  • A signed manuscript page (i.e., a real uncorrected page from the writing and editing process, scribbled with my edits and signature).

  • A free 2% hat.

  • The unpublished chapter from Scarcity Brain.

  • Three free months of the 2% Newsletter.

  • The coveted SUPERMEDIUM Training, Eating, and Living program (a $199 value).

  • Access to the workshop on 9/21.

How to Get the Free Pre-Order Bonuses

Step 1

Order your copies of Scarcity Brain (hardcover, ebook or audiobook) from any US retailer such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target. If you order the book from The Writer’s Block, I’ll sign it.

Step 2

Go to this page and enter your proof-of-purchase information in the correct form.

Step 3

Once you hit “Submit,” you'll instantly unlock the free bonuses. Your books will arrive on or around 9/26.

Scarcity Brain: What You’ll Learn

If you enjoyed The Comfort Crisis, you’ll love Scarcity Brain.

A handful of people have read Scarcity Brain in full. Most enjoyed it more than The Comfort Crisis. The book is a deep dive into the behaviors that most affect our physical and mental health and steer the course of our lives.

Are humans hardwired to crave more? From food and stuff to information and influence, why can’t we ever get enough?

On my journey researching and writing this book, I learned that the problem isn’t you.

The problem is your scarcity mindset, left over from our ancient ancestors. Our ancestors had to constantly seek and consume to survive because vital survival tools like food, material goods, information, and power were scarce and hard to find.

But with our modern ability to easily fulfill our ancient desire for more, our hardwired “scarcity brain” is now backfiring. And new technology and institutions—from dating and entertainment and health apps to our food and economic systems—are exploiting our scarcity brain.

They’re bombarding us with subversive “scarcity cues,” subtle triggers that lead us into low-reward cravings that hurt us in the long run.

Scarcity cues can be direct and all-encompassing, like a sagging economy. Or they can be subtle and slight, like our neighbor buying a shiny new car.

I traveled the world to consult with remarkable innovators and leading scientists who are finding surprising solutions for our scarcity brain.

I discovered simple tactics that can move us towards an abundance mindset, cement healthy habits, and allow us to live our lives to the fullest and appreciate what we have, including how to:

  • Detect hidden scarcity cues to stop cravings before they start, from a brilliant slot machine designer in a secret Las Vegas casino laboratory funded by the casino industry and some of the world’s largest tech companies.
  • Shift solitude into the ultimate happiness hack and understand the nuances of how humans find happiness and meaning, from Benedictine monks in the mountains of New Mexico.
  • Understand why most Americans die of heart disease and why you don’t have to, from a tribe in the Bolivian jungle with the healthiest hearts ever recorded by science.
  • Reignite your exploration gene for a healthier, more exciting and fulfilling life, from an astronaut onboard the International Space Station.
  • Reframe how we think about and fix addiction and any other bad habit, from Iraq’s chief psychiatrist.
  • Realize the downsides of minimalism and discover when you have enough, from a woman who left a million-dollar career path to become the world’s toughest adventurer.

Our world is overloaded with everything we’re built to crave. The fix for scarcity brain isn’t to blindly aim for less. It’s to understand why we crave more in the first place, shake our worst habits, and use what we already have better.

Then we can experience life in a new way—a more satisfying way. We have one shot at life. Shoot well.

Thanks for reading. I do hope you’ll pre-order Scarcity Brain.

Have fun, don’t die, read books.


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