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The 2% Summer Book List

43 books from the 2% community.

The 2% Summer Book List

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  • 43 books sourced and recommended by the 2% community.


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The post

Summer is book season.

Historians at the University of Alberta say the trend of reading more in the summer started in the 19th century. It began and surged over time due to the convergence of various forces. For example:

  • An increase in literacy across the U.S. and Canada.
  • The mass production of affordable books.
  • The rise of public libraries.
  • Labor movements that led to more paid time off.
  • The growth of vacationing and the tourism industry.
  • Summer reading programs in K-12.
  • Publishing cycles and the creation of "beach reads."
  • And, of course, much more.

Summer and vacation reading became a cultural phenomenon. Still today, we bring books with us on summer vacations near and far.

Enter the 2% Summer Book List.

The 2% Summer Book List

A while ago, I wrote a post revealing a few books that changed my thinking. You all took to the comments to recommend books you love. It was a fantastic thread.

But, as comments sections can be, it was a bit scattered and disorganized.

Given that we're rolling into summer book season, I organized the recommendations.

Here we have 43 books suggested by Members of 2%. They range in topics from self-improvement to history to investigative non-fiction to fiction and classics and more.

After reading this list, I'm starting with Travels With Charley because I love Steinbeck, America, and dogs.

Enjoy your summer of reading.


  1. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
    A guide to slowing down and simplifying life to avoid burnout and stress.
  2. Slow Productivity by Cal Newport
    A case for a deliberate approach to work that prioritizes quality over quantity.
  3. The Stoic Mindset by Mark Tuitert
    How Stoic philosophy can enhance mental resilience and clarity.
  4. Deep Work by Cal Newport
    On the value of focused, undistracted work for achieving exceptional results.
  5. Built to Move by Kelly and Juliett Starrett
    A practical guide to maintaining physical mobility and health throughout life.
  6. Outlive by Peter Attia
    A tome on the science and art of extending lifespan and improving healthspan.
  7. Strength to Strength by Arthur Brooks
    How to thrive as you age.
  8. Die with Zero by Bill Perkins
    Why you should chase life experiences instead of a giant savings account.
  9. The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control by Katherine Morgan Schafler
    How to manage perfectionism and lead a more balanced life.
  10. Scary Close by Donald Miller
    A guide to building deep relationships and emotional intimacy.