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The Best D*mn Leg Exercise Ever

This 2-minute finisher prepped me for some of the toughest mountains on earth.

The Best D*mn Leg Exercise Ever
Big, rugged mountains require legs that won’t die. This drill builds them.

You’ll learn:

  • A 2-minute workout finisher that will turn your legs into pistons.
  • It will improve your rucking, running, hiking, walking, cycling, lifting, etc.
  • Plus, stronger legs can help you live longer. A review found people with stronger legs were 14% less likely to die at any given moment.
  • I’ve included video and tactics on how to add the drill to your life.


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Let’s roll …

Fridays are always reserved for our signature posts.

  • The first Friday of the month is our epic Burn the Ships workout.
  • The second Friday of the month is Gear Not Stuff.
  • Third Friday: The Expedition (my favorite to write because it nourishes my ADD brain).
  • Fourth Friday: AMA.

But, four times a year, we find ourselves in months with five Fridays. These rare Fridays also need a signature post.

Enter All Killer, No Filler Fridays.

All Killer, No Filler

Here’s what All Killer, No Filler Friday posts will do:

  • Feature ONE THING that’s improved my life recently.
  • These posts will be quick and to the point.
  • They will be, as it were, all killer and no filler.

This fifth Friday we’re featuring the best d*mn leg finisher on the planet.

How it started

I started doing this drill while preparing for a two-week mountain backcountry hunt in Alaska’s Chugach range. The Chugach are gnarly, steep-and-deep mountains—some of the roughest country on earth (the photo above is from that hunt).

I needed legs like pistons—legs that could power up and down craggy mountains for days on end, all while I wore an 80-pound pack.

So I ended my workouts with the drill a few times a week—and it worked. My legs have never been stronger or had better endurance.

After the hunt, I stopped doing the drill.

It only takes a minute or two. But it’s challenging—it makes your legs feel like they’re marinating in acid.

But I’ve started doing it again to prepare for some upcoming mountain runs and the GORUCK 80k Normandy ruck.

Again, this finisher is brutal if you do it as instructed. You may hate me afterward.

But you’ll thank me when:

  • Your rucking improves.
  • Your knee pain goes away.
  • You can power up mountains on your hikes and trail runs.
  • Your legs and assets look better.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

So let’s dive in.

All Killer, No Filler: The best d*mn leg finisher on the planet.

It’s simple.