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The CBS and DOAC Interviews

The CBS and DOAC Interviews

You’ll learn: My current thinking on mindset, health, self-reliance, and how you’re capable of more than you realize.

Quick Housekeeping:

  • If you live in the Jacksonville or surrounding area, I’ll be at GORUCK HQ on the afternoon of 11/17. We’ll ruck, we’ll BS, and I may talk a bit about Scarcity Brain. Come by. It’s a free-for-all that’ll be free for all.

  • Coming this week:

    • On Wednesday, we’re covering how to stay safe while traveling. The also apply to how to stay safe at home. They’re skills you’ll never have to use. Until you do—and when you do, your life will depend on them.

    • Friday, we’re covering Gear, Not Stuff.

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Let’s roll …

I recently sat down for two big and fantastic interviews.

  • The first, with CBS Saturday Morning News, gives an eight minute overview of Scarcity Brain. With visuals!
  • The second, with Steven Bartlett, is probably the best way to understand my overall thinking about physical and mental health, living well, fitness, mindset, and more.

1. The CBS Saturday Morning Interview

This one is with the wonderful Michelle Miller for CBS Saturday Morning.

I met Michelle at a wing of the casino laboratory I describe in Scarcity Brain. We sat down and talked about Scarcity Brain, played some slot machines and then walked around downtown Las Vegas.

Watch it here.

2. The Diary of a CEO Interview

Soon after, I traveled to Los Angeles, where I spoke with Steven Bartlett.

He’s the host of Diary of a CEO. It’s a UK-based show that’s wildly popular everywhere. Steven and his team came to the US to chat with me and a few other people.

We talked about Scarcity Brain and The Comfort Crisis and my general thoughts on health, fitness, and how people are far more capable than they realize.

Steven’s readings of my books were incredible—he told me he had more notes than he’d ever taken into an interview. He’s a fantastic interviewer, and his team was excellent.

Besides my books, this interview is probably the best summary of my work and thinking. You can watch it here or listen to it on your preferred podcast app.

Thanks for checking out the interviews. And thanks to Michelle and Steven and their great teams.

Have fun, don’t die.