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AMA November Edition: A 5-Step Decision Framework and Avoiding Weight Gain

AMA November Edition: A 5-Step Decision Framework and Avoiding Weight Gain

You’ll learn: A five-step framework to determine what practices actually improve your health and life and how to avoid holiday weight gain.


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In today’s AMA, we’ll be tackling two questions:

  1. With all the great research you present on how to optimize different facets of life, how do you recommend prioritizing what people work on in their own lives? (i.e how should I 'rack and stack' the guidance/advice I read in your two books and incrementally thru this chain?)
  2. How can I avoid holiday weight gain?

Great questions.

In the first answer, I explain:

  • What we mean when we talk about optimal.
  • The upsides and downsides of our health information ecosystem.
  • How to navigate the inherent uncertainties around health advice.
  • A five-step process for determining YOUR highest ROI wellness practices (I wrote the five step process out below, because it’s so useful).
  • How I apply these ideas to my own life and how I spend my time and focus.

In the second answer, I explained:

  • What human evolution can tell us about holiday weight gain.
  • Why I think most “avoid holiday weight gain” advice sucks.
  • A reasonable way to approach holiday festivities in a way that jives with human health and history.

Recall that we voted to have AMAs be off-the-cuff podcast answers rather than written pieces.

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