Hi Michael -- for the AMA, here’s something: Last week we learned something like 10-15 miles was a good minimum dose for rucking. As someone new to rucking (just in the past 7 months), how would you define “vigorous”?

The problem I’m trying to solve with that Q: I don’t always have the time for 10 miles, let alone 15. (And solving for time is an age old problem!) so I try to make up for it by being more vigorous: more plates in the ruck, or a faster pace. But that doesn’t feel right all the time.

I realize that all feels overly prescriptive but re-reading last weeks’s post got me thinking about my own minor problem!

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Numbers 1, 4, and 5 used to be self-evident until SELF magazine started to downgrade dieting. Now they begin January 2024 with their Anti-Diet MONTH. Their recent newsletter showed six fitness instructors who are obese and covered with tattoos and pierces to distract. If you took ONLY the covers of SELF which started in 1980 to today and looked at the 528 issues you would see how diet and exercise made us fat. The stupid war on drugs failed and made matters worse, so did diet and exercise /fitness and nutrition /wellness. Rebranding works since our collective memories are so short. Fortunately, Ozempic will lead to slimness and sanity.

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