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The Joe Rogan + Jordan Harbinger Interviews

The Joe Rogan + Jordan Harbinger Interviews

I sat down with Joe Rogan and Jordan Harbinger to talk about my new book, Scarcity Brain, and much more


  • Thanks to my wife, Leah, for all of her support and listening to my incessant ramblings about this book over the last few years. The book is better thanks to her.
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Let’s roll …

I was recently on two fun podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience, and the Jordan Harbinger Show.

Let’s start with Joe’s podcast.

I was last on JRE back in May of 2021 for the release of The Comfort Crisis and spent some time with Joe a couple years ago on a hunting trip in Utah.

As with any JRE podcast, it was like a good trail. It was long and winding and unpredictable—just the way we like it. We talked about all sorts of themes from my new book, Scarcity Brain and how they affect YOU. For example:

  • Why exploration is critical to humans and how it’s changing.
  • How quantification can alter our behavior in negative ways.
  • What I learned about manipulation from a casino laboratory in Las Vegas.
  • How my experience in Iraq and beyond changed my thoughts on addiction and what addiction means for the average person.
  • What I learned about food spending time with a tribe in the Bolivian Amazon.
  • And much more. Like, a lot more.

Listen to the podcast below. You can also watch video on Spotify.

Now onto Harbinger

A few weeks before Rogan, I spoke with Jordan Harbinger remotely from home.

I was impressed with Jordan’s reading of Scarcity Brain. His questions were pointed and thorough, and we covered a ton of great ground in just an hour and a half. We may do a followup interview next year.

Here’s my conversation with Jordan:


  • If you want a long conversation that winds into a lot of topics, listen to JRE.
  • If you want more pointed chat around Scarcity Brain, listen to Harbinger.

Or just listen to the book and get all the details.

Thanks for reading and listening. Have fun, don’t die, read Scarcity Brain.


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