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AMA: A Key to Mental Toughness

You’ll learn: An easy, practical way to not quit.

AMA: A Key to Mental Toughness


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  • The Misogi event in Costa Rica is over—I’m currently at the San Jose airport headed back to Vegas. The event was an epic exploration of what humans are capable of. Thanks to all who joined. You’re all now on the short list of people I’d go to war with.

In today’s AMA, we’ll be tackling one question:

  1. What is an easy way I can be mentally tougher?

Great question.

I’ll explain:

  • What we get wrong about mental toughness.
  • How I think about the concept.
  • One practical way to be mentally tougher.

Recall that we voted to have AMAs be off-the-cuff podcast answers rather than written pieces. Audio is below.

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