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The best of 2% with Michael Easter and how it works.

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We’ve got a lot of new subscribers around here. If you’re new, welcome to our cult (I’m kidding. I think?).

To bring everyone up to speed, this post will cover:

  • What 2% with Michael Easter is
  • A bit about me
  • Why I started 2% with Michael Easter/The state of health media
  • Top stories from 2%
  • How 2% works and the benefits of Membership

If you’re a long-time reader, thank you! This post will remind you why we’re here and re-introduce you to some of our best stories.

What’s 2% With Michael Easter?

In short

We publish the world’s best and most useful health and performance information three times each week. Our readers and listeners get results.

The details

I began publishing 2% three times each week in the Spring of 2023. Since then, readers of this newsletter have:

  • Lost a collective thousands of extra pounds.
  • Covered untold miles on foot (usually with a heavy ruck!).
  • Vastly improved health markers and fitness metrics that are critical for healthspan and lifespan.
  • Made big shifts in their mindset, allowing them to do things they once thought they couldn’t.
  • Spent more time outside with friends and family doing activities that improve their lives.
  • Taken on epic Misogi challenges that irrevocably changed them for the better.
  • Made business and life decisions that gave them a huge return.
  • And much more …

That’s the tense of living we’re after.

It’s easier for all of us to stay in that tense when we have constant reminders of what that tense is, where we find it, and how we stay in it and milk it for all it’s worth.

So that’s what the 2% newsletter does. We publish three stories and accompanying audio versions of those stories each week. The goal is to:

  • Remind us what that tense of living is by covering breaking and time-tested information on health, performance, and mindset.
  • Show us the most efficient way to find that tense of living by making that information actionable no matter who you are.
  • Stay in that tense of living through community and a regular publishing schedule.

About Michael Easter

I’m the New York Times bestselling author of The Comfort Crisis and Scarcity Brain. I’ve spent my career researching and writing about mental and physical health, performance, nutrition, fitness, mindset, toughness, the value of challenge and adventure, and much more.

My research has taken me everywhere—from war zones to the Arctic to the Bolivian jungle to the top scientific labs worldwide.

I’ve interviewed thousands of experts, from Nobel laureates to world-class athletes, and pored over countless studies to find the best science-backed tactics you can use to optimize your life.

My goal has always been to take these insights from the edge and make them accessible and actionable for anyone anywhere.

That is to say, you.

Why I started 2%

In short

Around 2017, health and performance media began changing. It became less helpful and useful. So I started 2% as a solution.

The details

For years, I was a Senior Editor at the world’s largest health magazine. We had roughly 71 million readers worldwide, and my work went out to 50+ countries.

But sometime around 2017, health and performance coverage from major media outlets changed. It stopped being useful.

The focus shifted from quality to quantity and clicks. Editors were asked to crank out multiple stories each day. And write stories not that they believed would help people but would drive traffic at any cost.

They were forced to spend less time reading actual research and gathering multiple viewpoints from experts. Stories began lacking nuance, context, and deep reporting.

So I bailed.

I left the magazine and took a job as a professor of journalism and media studies, focusing on health media. I wanted to deeply understand what was happening, how that impacted people, and how to correct it.

I found that the new economics and corporatization of journalism had led traditional media outlets to measure their impact only in the number of clicks. Unfortunately, what got clicks was often at odds with providing accurate information and actually helping people.

But I also discovered that a new form of health media rose as traditional media changed in 2017. And it wasn’t great either. In the place of major media, we got online health influencers.

And not just the wacky ones on social media telling us everything is toxic and to please buy their supplement. Some of today’s biggest health voices are M.D.s and researchers at elite universities.

These people are well-meaning. But many have a narrow worldview and go so far down the rabbit hole they can’t see out of it. They don’t account for critical perspectives from other scientific disciplines and approaches to living that have existed for thousands of years.

We got a lot of 75-step morning routines that will help you “optimize” and “hack” this and that. We got advice to take some far-out, off-label drug or supplement to live longer. We got hyper-complicated, inconvenient diets and protocols drawn from results on lab rats (reminder: humans aren’t lab rats).

The problem is that life isn’t a laboratory. What looks good in a tightly controlled study rarely works as well as we think it will in the real world. And it often just sucks the soul out of living.

I felt like we all needed objective health information that is as broad as it is deep.

That information should include groundbreaking new science, yes. But it must also view topics from multiple lenses and leverage time-tested wisdom from real conversations with experts and cultures across disciplines.

And that information must be human. It must account for tradeoffs and different perspectives and work for real people in the real world—changing them for the better.

So I started 2%. That’s what we’re building with 2%.

The Best of 2%

We have a lot of great stories on 2%.

I created this page for you to find some of our group’s favorites:


P.S. Interested in rucking? Type “rucking” into the search bar on our homesite,


  • Six Sleep Myths
    Prepare to be surprised. Some of the most popular sleep advice doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny and common sense.
  • 8 Sleep Tips That Actually Work
    This advice is backed by research and common sense. You’ll find something that helps you sleep better. Better sleep = better life.
  • Carrying Kids: The Incredible Science and Benefits
    Not just for parents. Understanding the evolution of child carrying can shape how you think about health, exercise, and development.
  • How Many Steps a Day Is Best?
    Hint: It’s not 10,000. But the number that’s best for you depends on what your goal is.
  • You Probably Don’t Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals
    Micronutrient deficiencies are overlooked, and they can hinder your health, sanity, and performance. They’re associated with everything from obesity and heart disease to fatigue, depression, and impaired intelligence and performance.


Mindset & Mental Strength


P.S. If you’re a gearhead, search “Gear Not Stuff” in the search bar on the homesite, That’ll allow you to easily find past Gear Not Stuff columns.

Work and Productivity

The Benefits of a 2% Membership

In short

We have three plans:

  1. Non-Member, which is free but gets you limited access.
  2. Member, which gets full access to every past and future 2% post and its audio version. Cost: $6.87/month or $68.70/year.
  3. Founding Member, which is for those who are all in on living well and want free bonuses. Cost: $247/year
The details

Members of 2% have made massive, inspiring changes to their lives. For example, I recently picked at random a handful of messages I’ve received about this project.

  • Cindy lost 37 pounds (and counting) combining the fitness and nutrition ideas published in 2%.
  • Tyler beat anxiety and depression by deploying simple mindset shifts laid out in our Mindset and Mental Strength articles.
  • Morgan quit drinking and took up rucking with his wife five days a week.
  • Ada, 63, improved critical health markers that her doctors say vastly reduce her risk of all-cause mortality.
  • Richard lost 120(!) pounds by combining the fitness and nutrition ideas in 2%.
  • Sarah quit her soul-sucking job and took on an epic Misogi that took her around the globe after reading our Mindset stories.
  • Catherine did her first pullup and is now training for an IronMan triathlon.
  • David, 75, realized age is just a number and now has a practical rucking plan that has added more life to his years.
  • Tammy began understanding the roots of her shopping and overhauled how much she buys, saving her thousands of dollars across the year.
  • John overhauled a back injury that had been plaguing him and is now back to regularly hiking and golfing.

I’ll stop there because you get the point. We’ve got hundreds of case studies.

There are three versions of this publication: Non-Member, Member, and Founding Member. Here’s what each gets you.

Non-Member/Unpaid Subscription to The 2%

A great but limited place to start

  • One of three 2% posts a week (Mondays)
  • Previews to the two weekly Member’s-only posts (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Access to the archive of free posts

Member Subscription to The 2%

Life-enhancing information that saves you far more time and money than its cost

Note: I have an agreement to save you time and money. Members repeatedly tell me they’ve gained far more than the monthly Member cost in improved health and work performance, and reclaimed time.

Here’s what a Membership gets you:

  • Every 2% post and access to the full archive of 2% posts (three posts each week—all the good info, all the time).
  • Audio versions of every 2% post (great for people who like to consume information while driving, rucking, exercising, cooking, cleaning, etc).
  • Answers to your personal questions (killer Q&A posts … AMA).
  • Exclusive access to our HAVE FUN, DON’T DIE series (the most essential information for living better and longer today).
  • Full access to limited-run franchises like our Gear Not Stuff gear columns and Burn the Ships workouts (I use these to prepare for different adventures and live better).
  • Free, easy, and effective nutrition and health approaches (the no-BS stuff that actually works).

Cost: $6.87/month or $68.70/year

(Again: You’ll save more time and money in the long run than the cost.)

Founding Member of The 2%

For those who are all-in on living well

  • Everything in the “Paid” subscription above
  • Free 2% Dad Hat (the perfect workout hat)
  • Free access to any e-books and paid training programs I release (The upcoming rucking book; full SUPERMEDIUM extended training plan; etc … $300+ value)

Cost: $247/year

Welcome to the 2% Community. Now let’s do big things.

Have fun, don’t die.


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