Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
The 2% Screen Time Challenge

The 2% Screen Time Challenge

Today's episode will help you get your time and attention back. We're introducing the 2% Screen Time Challenge in partnership with Clearspace. Sign up for the challenge at You'll learn:

  • Why we're doing the 2% Screen Time Challenge and how it works. (Bonus: The challenge winner gets a GORUCK ruck and 2% dad hat).

  • Why Michael hasn't found a better method to reduce screen time than the Clearspace app.

  • How Clearspace "works" by breaking The Scarcity Loop, which is the most powerful behavior loop. Michael wrote about The Scarcity Loop in his NYT Bestseller Scarcity Brain (it's the ultimate addictive habit loop).

  • How to think about your own time and attention to have a more meaningful life.

  • Why high tech problems like screen time need high tech solutions (not methods like "hide your phone," or "get a dumb phone.")

  • Why Clearspace is an ideal solution—Rather than banning apps altogether, Clearspace helps users get the upsides of apps and none of their downsides.

  • And more.

Enjoy.

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Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
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