Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
The Best Workout You (Probably) Aren't Doing

The Best Workout You (Probably) Aren't Doing

It increases fat oxidation, spares your joints, and is a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Michael covers the surprising benefits of cycling and mountain biking. Topics include:

  • Why cycling has unique benefits over other endurance sports, and why mountain biking is especially powerful.

  • The metabolic upsides of cycling and why it often trumps running for metabolic health and fat burning.

  • Why biking compliments rucking and running.

  • The fascinating cognitive benefits of mountain biking.

  • The connection between mountain biking and meditation.

  • Why mountain biking is safer than road cycling.

  • For those not interested in biking, we’ll cover how you can get the same powerful effects from other activities.

  • The most effective advice for your first rides.

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Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
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