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The Expedition: June Edition

The Expedition: June Edition

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The Expedition is a journey into thoughts, opinions, ideas, observations, studies, facts, figures, etc.

Good ones, bad ones, insightful ones, dumb ones, and ones you can use to live better.

It’s a roundup of all the worthwhile stuff I’ve encountered in the last month. The Expedition is a bit of an island of misfit toys. But, hey, the greatest journeys are winding.

This month, we’re covering:

  • Numbers on:

  • Who commits suicide and why.

  • The amount of pushups that reduces heart disease risk.

  • Money, marriage, and happiness.

  • Who wins marathons.

  • How changing the speed of videos impacts information retention.

  • The truth about expensive treadmills.

  • How much time we spend online.

  • A wild and clever three-part challenge.

  • A fun read about ChatGPT and its propensity for bullshit.

  • A thought-provoking read on a surprising source of a hidden health threat.

  • How to survive—and thrive—this Godforsaken heatwave.

  • A wild map on weight changes.

  • A tough, fantastic workout I did while traveling recently.

  • An important parting quote.

  • An even more important parting question.

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Two Percent with Michael Easter
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