Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
The Expedition: May Edition

The Expedition: May Edition

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The Expedition is our monthly dive into the best information I found this month.

We're covering:

  • Numbers on:

  • Running and longevity.

  • The 4-Minute mile.

  • How the 4-Minute mile compares to mountaineering.

  • How much weight you'll lose on Ozempic in the long term (not short term).

  • Odds of one of the two main presidential candidates dying in the next year.

  • Life satisfaction.

  • How much crazier the internet is compared to real life.

  • The three factors that put you most at risk of dying young of heart disease.

  • The limitations of data, and what data misses.

  • What science says about staying hydrated this summer.

  • How humans compare to different animals in a foot race.

  • An incredible podcast episode.

  • A wise quote on death and how to view it.

  • Four albums that changed my worldview.

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Two Percent with Michael Easter
2% With Michael Easter
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