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Two Percent Is Back on Substack

I’ll explain why—and our bright future ahead.

Post Summary

  • Two Percent is back on Substack. 

  • I’ll explain the details and how our return will improve Two Percent.


  • As a welcome back, we’re running an Annual Membership discount.

  • It’ll last for 48 hours. Sign up now and get 15% off an annual Membership. We rarely do discounts. So take advantage.

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The post

Roughly two months ago, Two Percent left Substack for another publishing platform. 

We made the change for simple reasons: The other platform was significantly less expensive to run, offered different design options, and, by all visible measures, was basically the same. 

But in all my work and travels, I’ve learned that the unmeasurable, unquantifiable stuff is what really matters.

I was naive when I started this project. I viewed it as me writing a newsletter to you. 

I quickly learned it isn’t that. 

The comments sections of Two Percent posts filled with all of you sharing your experience—whether it be tactics for living better, book and fitness recommendations, smart questions, or just letting us all know what was happening in your life. 

Two-Percenters met up in the real world. Some even recognized each other while—wait for it—taking the stairs at an airport (true story!).

I realized that this project is actually us writing, thinking, and creating together. Together as a community of Two-Percenters—that wild and strange fraction of people who are willing to embrace short-term discomfort to improve over the long haul.

Your comments and emails began guiding Two Percent and what we cover. Your thinking changed my thinking. Your stories, questions, and interactions sharpened and inspired me.

We have the best health, wellness, and mindset community on earth.

On Substack 

Before we left Substack, I contacted our point person there and told him thanks for our time on the platform but that we were on our way out.

I also briefly explained why we were leaving: I want all platforms to win and improve so the internet becomes a better place.

He told me he was “gutted … and completely blindsided”—his language, not mine.  

Because here’s the thing: Substack realizes the value of the Two Percent community.

You’re the wonderful part of the internet—the type of people the world needs more of. Smart, funny, kind, well-read, and dead set on betterment. 

Substack apologized for “dropping the ball”—again, their words, not mine—by letting us live on an island without assistance that would have built and strengthened our community.

We were doing great, but they realized they could have helped us do even better. There were resources we could have used and levers we could have pulled to make Substack a uniquely great home for Two Percent.

My Substack contact asked me if I’d take a meeting. So we jumped on a Zoom call. They expressed regrets and asked what it would take to get us back.

And so it was that Substack began to lay out a plan to help us make Two Percent better.

On the Two Percent community

But back to those immeasurables. 

After about a month on the new platform, I noticed something I didn’t like: Comments and community engagement had gone down. We had fewer comments and conversations. Some of you told me commenting on posts and moving around the Two Percent site was harder.

The newsletter started to feel less like “us” and more like me writing at you. I missed the community vibe. 

Substack offered us some great resources to come back—they’re helping us pull new levers to make Two Percent better for everyone.

They have many sage media and tech minds in the building. They’re also building and launching new ways to enhance our content and community.

We’re going to leverage the everliving hell out of them to keep moving forward. Always forward.

So I accepted.

Well, “we” accepted. And so, in the immortal words of the Blues Brothers, “We’re putting the band back together … we’re on a mission from God.”

The future of Two Percent

Many good things are happening.

  • The podcast will be seamless.
    Those who listen to the podcast know that having two feeds—one for Members and another for free subscribers—can be a bit confusing. 

    • The solution: Substack will allow us to have a single feed where free episodes are open and free, but Member episodes are locked. This will all happen seamlessly in your preferred podcast feed. The system will automatically recognize Members. 

    • You can listen on your preferred podcast player: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, whatever.

    • Members, click the button below to set up your Member podcast feed. You’ll only need to do this once, and it’s best that you use a mobile phone.

      Set up your Member podcast feed

  • We’ll have more video.
    Like the above! We’ll begin experimenting with more videos. We’re even going to beta-test a new live video feature for Substack (watch out for that in July).

    • A question: What do you want to see on video? Gear Not Stuff seems like a great candidate. Perhaps the AMAs can also be on video? Let me know!

  • We’ll bring in more outside voices.
    Cool, smart experts approved by Two Percent.

  • We even look a bit different.

    • How about that new logo?

  • The future is open and infinite.

    • Got an idea for Two Percent? Drop it in the comments. 

Thanks for riding along for the transition. 

Have fun, don’t die, and get excited—because we’re putting the band back together … 


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Two Percent with Michael Easter
Two Percent with Michael Easter